Fly-Fishing For Lake Trout: A Different Experience Than Fly-Fishing In Rivers

11 October

Many anglers accustomed to taking rainbow or brown trout with a fly rod eventually decide to try their hand at catching lake trout. The broad strokes of both pursuits are similar, but you will have the best chance of success if you understand the subtle differences between the two and prepare yourself accordingly. Lake trout […]

Determine If Deep Sea Fishing Is Right For You By Taking A Deep Sea Fishing Expedition

11 October

If you have always wanted to try deep sea fishing, but are afraid to invest in the costly supplies needed to deep sea fish, consider booking a deep sea fishing trip. The trip will allow you to have all of the fun that comes with deep sea fishing without investing or storing all of the […]

3 Reasons To Consider A Fishing Charter Trip For Your Next Vacation

02 September

One of the most interesting vacations that you can consider if you enjoy the outdoors or are a fan of fishing is a fishing charter trip. These trips typically consist of a guide taking you to a well-stocked fishing area or to a remote fishing spot that can contain fish that you are unlikely to […]

Safety Tips To Learn Before You Take Up Aggressive Inline Skating

26 July

Armed with a pair of aggressive inline skates, the right safety gear and a smartphone video camera, you and your friends can shoot a ton of footage of you executing your best moves, and then edit the clips together, upload the file to the Internet and hope that your prowess will go viral. Before you […]

Turn Classical Kobudo Sword-Retention Techniques Into Modern Self-Defense Tactics

22 June

The art of kobudo focuses on the training of classical martial arts weapons from past centuries. To beginners and mere observers, the practice serves the sole purpose of learning skills with the weapon being trained. The conclusion is logical. Training on a long sword develops skill with that particular blade. Beneath the surface, those learning […]

Three Necessities When Taking A Full Day Deep Sea Fishing Trip

25 May

One of  the very best ways to spend a day is to go fishing. The age old adage of, “a bad day fishing is better than a good day at work,” is certainly true. There are many different types of fishing and each one is extremely fun and brings its very own challenges. One type […]

Yoga Poses To Help You Get A Better Nights Sleep

20 April

Yoga has a great number of benefits. It can increase flexibility, relieve stress, strengthen your muscles, alleviate back pain, prevent sports injuries and can even help you sleep better at night. Who doesn’t want a better nights sleep? With the daily stresses of life, you probably aren’t getting the proper amount of sleep at night, […]

Making The Most Of Your First Whale-Watching Tour: Four Things To Consider

08 March

Going on your first whale-watching tour can be exciting, but with a little bit of preparation, you can maximize the fun you have on this trip. Here are just a few things you can do to prepare for your whale-watching adventure. Whale-Watching Mobile Apps There are a host of mobile apps you can download that […]

The Legality Of Solvent Traps: What You Need To Know

18 January

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding solvent traps and whether or not they are legal to own in the United States. The answer is yes, in most cases. Generally, as long as your plan is to use the solvent trap as an aid for cleaning your firearm, it is completely legal to own. These […]

3 Accessories To Add To Your Floating Dock

22 November

Having a pond or lake on your property can provide your family with hours of entertainment. In order to make your recreational water spot more accessible, you may have installed a floating dock. There are some simple accessories you can add to make your floating dock even more convenient. Here are three accessories that you […]