The Legality Of Solvent Traps: What You Need To Know

18 January

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding solvent traps and whether or not they are legal to own in the United States. The answer is yes, in most cases. Generally, as long as your plan is to use the solvent trap as an aid for cleaning your firearm, it is completely legal to own. These […]

3 Accessories To Add To Your Floating Dock

22 November

Having a pond or lake on your property can provide your family with hours of entertainment. In order to make your recreational water spot more accessible, you may have installed a floating dock. There are some simple accessories you can add to make your floating dock even more convenient. Here are three accessories that you […]

Preserving Family Firearms: How To Properly Store And Protect Guns That Have Sentimental Value

13 October

Guns that are passed down from generation to generation may or may not have a lot of market value. However, inheriting a gun from your grandfather or father is priceless when it comes to sentimental value– they become treasured heirlooms. Knowing how to properly care for guns you’ve inherited will help preserve them for future generations. […]

4 Common Questions That People Have About RV Rentals

07 August

Renting an RV is a topic that is fairly new and unknown to many people, and they generally have several questions about what it entails. This article will discuss 4 common questions that people have about RV rentals.  How Long Do I Have To Rent The RV? Generally speaking, the time that you can rent […]

Tired Of Tight Grass Shots? How To Stop Digging And Start Hitting Worthy Chip Shots

29 June

Believe it or not, even some of the best professional golfers get nervous when they are faced with certain shots. Some may get antsy with a long bunker shot. Some may dread the fat shot. Others, well, they dread shots from tight lies. It only takes the slightest mistake to result in pure disaster. Read […]

Seasons Of Fish: Sport Fishing Year-Round In Key West, Florida

19 May

Any time of the year is a great time to go fishing in Florida. Key West, in particular, is an idyllic spot for fishing in the dark waters of the Atlantic Ocean, deep Gulf of Mexico, and the seas of the straits of Mexico which lead directly down toward Cuba. Fish for fun and sport […]

Taking A Splash: Why You Should Dismiss The Rumors You’ve Heard About Hot Tubs

26 January

A hot tub is the epitome of luxurious relaxation. If you have long wanted a hot tub but have hesitated because of things that you have heard, you should reassess your fears; modern hot tubs are actually more affordable, sanitary, and healthy than you might think. “I Can’t Afford a Hot Tub.” If you want […]